Retreats are a wonderful opportunity to step aside from our hectic life to find a moment to rest, to get to know ourselves and find balance and inner peace. To get away from the day-to-day noise and workship some good time to be alone brings us harmony and energy in our everyday path into live. 




  Family retreat

We invite to share time and space with your family doing activities promoting wellbeing whilst sorrounded by a natural and quiet environment.

- Yoga: for family, adults and/or children

- Meditation and Mindfulness

- Workshops: Concious parenting, values, relationships, communication

- Body conciousness and expressive movement

- Daytrips to the sea, mountain hiking, walks and free time


  Yoga and Mindfulness retreat for groups

An invitation to take a break from our hectic day-to-day activities, and enjoy time and rest  to think about our life and listen to ourselves.

- Hatha, Vinyasa and Tibetan Yoga

- Meditacion and Mindfulness

- Worshop Mandala vision

- Body conciousness and expressive movement

- Workshops: Emotional balance, NLP, Wingwave, NVC

- Daytrips to the sea, mountain hiking, walks and free time


Corporate retreat

To share an space in the wild to awaken the team’s conciousness, facilitating quality relationships and developing a culture focused on its people in order to create business and enhance social values.

- Workshop: consciousness to lead change

- Workshop: Team leadership

- Workshop: Emotions at work

- Workshop: professional relationships

- Team Coaching processes

- Yoga, body conciousness and Mindfulness sessions

- Outdoor walks


* Eco food from local producers (vegetarians and vegans welcome)

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