Psychologist and Therapist 


The main objective of psycotherapy is to foster harmony by integrationing the body, mind and emotions in order to live an authentic life in connection with our own deep nature: energy, love and intelligence.

Using a holistic approach of human being and incorporating the integral aspects of being a human being from a humanistic vision of the therapeutic process, I offer my services to accompany you through the processo self discovering which will allow you to put more consciousness towards the what: from what motivation and how you are acting in your life.

This involves a full process in which we will review and transform your thoughts and beliefs as well as your habits and patterns of conduct. An opportunity which will enable, by being active and responsible, to move into and approach new questions and aswers to solve corrent habitual thinking and problems, learning and incorporating these new ways of thinking, feeling and acting into our lives to produce better outcomes and thought processes. This requires a full integration of a new vision, from ourselves, others and also what is happening in our lives.

We will concentrate on the here and now, in every present aspect, through listening, words, breath, movement, meditation, vision, energetic therapy and other techniques from both Humanistic and transpersonal Psychology.

Sessions for individuals, couples or groups.



> Changes and life transformations

> Family and maternity (childbirth and postpartum)

> Exitential crisis and the search for spirituality


“Find out who you are but do not stick to any definition. Change as many times as necessary to live in the totality of your being”

- Claudio Naranjo - 



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