“ Meditation is not an evation, rather an encouter with one-self ” - Thich Nhat Hanh

During the 80’s Mindfulness was developed as a practice to mitigate suffering for people with chronic diseases. Since then it has been incorporated as a new practice to improve our quality life. Being present developing awareness and consciousness towards our mind-sensations-emotions balance.


 Training:  8-weeks MINDFULNESS COURSE 

Mindfulness  to develop self-consciousness. Breathe. Silence and full attention. Thoughts, sensations and emotions. Stress and focus towards the “here and now”. Consciousness to accept and transform. Calmless and tranquility from our presence. Live a fulness life.

   INDIVIDUAL sessions: Mindfulness, Shiné and Vipassana 

A moment for bringing consciousness in our brain work, getting familiar with our thoughts and breath through concentration and experiencing full attention.

  Workshop - EMOTIONAL BODY 

We invite you to get to know and feel your emotions through body movement. How are they? Where and how we feel them?  How to let them out? We will flow and travel throughout body movements to experience them with our body and feel through our fisiology. Mindfulness, Yoga and Biodance in action.


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