Espai Gandaki

Retreats are a wonderful opportunity to step aside from our hectic life to find a moment to rest, to get to know ourselves and find balance and inner peace. 


                             Family retreat                              Yoga and Mindfulness retreat for groups                            Corporate retreat

We invite to share time and space with your family doing activities promoting wellbeing whilst sorrounded by a natural and quiet environment.

- Yoga: for family, adults and/or children

- Hatha, Vinyasa and Tibetan Yoga

- Meditation and Mindfulness sessions

- Family Workshops   Concious parenting, values, relationships, communication

- Group workshops   Mandala vision, Coaching by Values, Emotional balance, Emotional coaching, Non Violent Comunication 

- Corporate workshops   Leading change, Emotional leadership, Team Values, Relationships, Conflict reolution

- Individual and group coaching sessions

- Body conciousness and movement

- Daytrips to the sea, mountain hiking, walks and free time

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