Arnau Gasull

Being curious towards people and relationships has been part of me for a long time.  My very first memories are images of my family in which I, the youngest of 3 brothers, listened and beholded with attention and joy everything that was happening at home. 

After graduating in Psychology I worked 10 years in HR departments - Port Aventura, General Electric, Picis – as well as a Recruitment Consultant - Microsoft, Dell, HP, IBM and Oracle – in Ireland.

Having the opportunity to take a year off enabled me to travel and discover 15 countries across the continents of Asia, Australasia and South America. My life changed and I discovered a new self along the way.
After my travels I worked 4 years as an aid worker for Doctors Without Boders with roles such as both HR Coordinator and Psychologyst in the Central African Republic, DRC Congo, South Sudan and Ethiopia.

2 Coaching processes I undertook as a client (2009 and 2013) unearthed a new passion within me: to continue to help people through transformational learning, self-knowledge and to keep on growing.

A 3-months hike along the Himalaian Range towards the fall of 2012 allows me to assist to a teaching conducted by his Holiness the Dalai Lama and get to know the Mind and Life Institute. I connect with the passion of studying and understanding better our mind and emotions, as well as I start  the practice of meditacion with the purpose of cultivating emotional well being and mental clarity.

I decide to take a new professional path. I first certify as a Coach as well as study other disciplines (Emocional Balance, Neuro Linguistic Program, Mindfulness and Leadership). My first baby girl is born and I ask to myself what sort of live do I want for me and what type of dad I want to become.

I feel it is the right time to reinvent myself and I decide to work in my own professional project. I want a better work life balance and start flourishing a new life vision: To help others through a shared vocational project along with my wife Sonia.

I currently work as a Coach (Life & Executive) for individuals and teams, trainer for courses and workshops as well as Human Resources Consultant for corporations.

And I share with my wife, the loving adventure of accompanying and seeing our children Arlet and Lluc grow.

Training and Education

  • Mindfulness MBSR Foundations Teacher - University of Brown
  • ACC Coach Certification - ICF (International Coach Federation)
  • Master Practitioner NLP – Inst. Gestalt
  • Tranformational leadership – IfTL
  • Team Coaching – Inst. Gestalt
  • Certified Coaching by Values - MDS Management
  • Emotional Balance - Santa Barbara Inst.
  • Master degree HR – UPF
  • BA. Psychology - URL
  • Fluent in English, French, Catalan and Spanish

Transforming experiences

I have worked in several countries and travelled many more. From each one of them I feel I have received much more than I could give. With the sight of an infant who looks for the first time. I have had the opportunity to learn aspects of spirituality in India, the wisdom of from Aboriginal culture in Australia, the magic of the Andino cultures or the beauty and wealth of various African people.

What it is to be a human being. Differencies and also many similarities. Looks and colours recognizable in the same eyes: in search of love and happiness.

Over these last years I have had the privilege to embark on a new adventure; Parenting: the return of to the child I once was whilst rising to new levels of responsiblity and adulthood. A new vision to behold; a live life that is growing.

Setting foot and walking across this world has brought me closer to my origin and myself; the inner journey. Drawing the path with the rucksask I carry. Making every of my new steps my very next destination, inner transformation in order to continue being myself.

As an anonymous Hindu once said, “ nothing has changed. Only me. Thus everything has changed”.

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